End of the year mayhem


It’s getting close to the end of the year and while a lot of people start to wind down I have been quite busy with work, firstly I have been reviewing managing iOS devices in Jamf Pro, I have a lot of experience with iOS and Meraki systems manager but nothing with Jamf Pro although I have used it a lot with managing MacOS devices.

I am also in the process of setting up and deploying my first instance of MS Intune, I have previously managed patch management within Malwarebytes which worked but I wanted something a bit more complete. Intune has been a bit of learning exercise as I am a wee bit out of touch with MS terminology and methodologies but I am making good progress.

Another project I am working on is a SIEM system which will be a new addition to the department, SecOP’s is becoming such a large part of my work load now with cybersecurity threats constantly increasing.

Speaking of SecOP’s I am also in the midst of planning internal and external cybersecurity audits for 2024, It’s a good time to review documentation to make sure it’s up to date and security appliance configurations.

So as you can imagine my office is littered with test devices and Monday.com is getting quite the workout as findings are noted down and projects are planned.


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