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If you work in IT and you have not heard of Amazon AWS by now you need to quickly Google it. Amazon as we all know is owned by the very wealthy Jeff Bezos, it’s started it’s life selling music and videos.

Fast forward to today and it’s a behemoth of a company that is the biggest retailer in the US. They also have a division of the business named Amazon Web Services or AWS for short.

AWS sells cloud hosted IT services so IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and Paas (Platform as a Service) so everything from cloud computing to virtual firewalls and pretty much everything in between.

Now for the good stuff.
So your thinking that sounds pretty good and I would like to check it out, the good new is AWS offers parts of there services free for up to a year! So regardless if your new to IT and want to get your head around cloud computing or you are a business owner and are looking to migrate your on premise systems to the cloud. The free access is available to everyone.

Now there are a few restrictions, you aren’t going to get access to a 16 core 128GB server with loads of storage and a virtual firewall with insanely big throughput. You are going to get enough to get your toes wet.

Is it actually useful?
Yes, don’t think of it as your getting services for free BUT you get access to various systems and services to expand your skillset. Couple this offer with Amazons 100USD cloud practitioner course and you have yourself a good foothold into the world of cloud computing.

Where can I found out more
Easy Google AWS free or use the links below

Note this is NOT a paid advertisement for AWS, I am simply suggesting this as a good method of getting some personal development. This website is hosted using AWS free tier on an EC2 instance as an example of what you can do.


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